Sentinel Advisory Services
Sentinel Advisory Services

Key Differentiators

  • Fiduciary Responsibility
  • 401K/403B Plan Advice
  • Market Driven
  • Personalized
  • Individualized
  • Proactive
  • Secure
  • Confidential

The Fiduciary Responsibility means that the client's best interests must come first at all times. There can be no potential sources for conflicts of interest.

For example, a person working at a Broker-Dealer or Financial Planning company may recommend a mutual fund that offers them a better commission or is being promoted by their company. This fund may not be the best available fund for the client.

Specific recommendations on which mutual funds to own and how much of each of them.

Sophisticated tools are used to determine the relative strength of the funds available in your plan.

Changes are recommended as needed.

One on one portfolio performance review is held every 3 months.

Recommendations for initial positions and the timing for portfolio changes are determined by changing market conditions and are made as required. Value is enhanced by holding positions that are trending up and paring back on equities that are trending down.

This is in contrast to recommendations using a pre-set formula based on a person's age and waiting for an annual review to make any changes to get back to original asset allocations. This strategy leads to selling things that are moving up and buying more of things that going down.

A personal, one and one relationship is developed with each client.

There are no phone trees to go through when you make a call.

You speak directly with the person responsible for the performance of your portfolio.

Each portfolio is designed to meet each client's individual goals, risk tolerance, investing style and timeline.

Separate portfolios and strategies can be developed for investing for the future (retirement, funding college tuition, buying a house), investing for income (regular withdrawals to fund retirement living expenses), and investing for short term growth.

Portfolio change recommendations are made as needed. There is no waiting for a quarterly or annual review.

Early warning signs are used to make modifications, frequently leading to partial increases or decreases in position size. This is contrast to an all in or out philosophy.

All of your assets are held by a custodian.

For 401K and 403B plans this is the current company who administers your plan and sends you statements. There is no need to change anything.

For IRA and Taxable Brokerage accounts the portfolios can be held at Fidelity or Interactive Brokers

I can make trades on your behalf, but I do not have access to your money.

Only the information needed to manage account is collected. Social Security numbers are not requested.

All personal financial information is kept confidential and will only be made available to regulatory authorities on written request.

About Us


Richard Mollin

Office: 910-769-0346

Cell:    508-294-3134


Richard Mollin is an Investment Advisor Representative with Bay Colony Advisors and does business as Sentinel Advisory Services,  and focuses on protecting and growing his clients’ assets. After 7 years as an independent advisor, Richard joined Bay Colony Advisors in September 2016.


Richard took control of his IRA and 401K portfolios after experiencing dramatic losses during the technology bubble burst in the early 2000s. This lead to extensive investment management education and more than 7 years of experience managing his own retirement accounts. He earned professional certification and started to work with clients in June 2009.


Since establishing an independent Registered Investment Advisor company, Richard has worked with a broad range of clients to manage their 401K/403B, IRA, and Taxable accounts to help them achieve their investment objectives.


At the beginning of each relationship, Richard works with each investor to clearly define their goals and objectives. Armed with this important information a customized portfolio is developed utilizing sophisticated technical analysis and is followed up with ongoing monitoring of each portfolio. This results in timely, clear, and easy to follow investment decisions that are designed to meet the individual investor’s stated objectives.


A true investing partnership is formed since Richard makes investment decisions and the assets always remain in the clients' individual accounts.


Richard and his wife, Donna, live in Leland, NC. A graduate of Queens College with a degree in Physics and of St. John’s University with an MBA, cum laude, in Marketing. Heis a graduate of the Dorsey-Wright Point and Figure Institute for technical analysis. Richard enjoys bicycling, tennis, and golf. Annually he participates in the Pan-Mass Challenge, a bicycle ride to raise money for cancer research and treatment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.


Prior to forming Sentinel Advisory Services, Richard had extensive sales, marketing, product line management, and strategic alliance experience with Xerox, Digital Equipment Corp., and CA Technologies, Inc. 



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